The Age of Peace is truly dead in the Pelagos. The drums of War have beat in every corner of the world, from the Southern Alliance to the Expanse. More and more monsters have emerged from the Void Sea, and the Storms of Power have begun to break away from the Boundary, obliterating all that they consume. The Pelagos is more dangerous than ever before as the darkness of the next age descends. Beyond the Pelagos the Continents lie fallow, razed by a legendary force who has sought to conquer all, an evil that the Dragons have only just revealed to the world. The nations of the Pelagos stand on the edge of knife – chaos could engulf them at any moment.

Yet despite the danger, the world has more outstanding heroes than it ever did during the Age of Peace. Heroes like those from the legends of the Great War ply the seas and built fortresses upon the islands. The Dragon Council holds the world together, and their agents work to counteract the chaos. But for all the work of the Hunters, Sea-Kings, Scions, and Agents, there are forces that loom beyond the horizon, outside of their control. Puzzle pieces are finally falling together and the shrouds that blanket the history of the world shall be torn back soon. It has been fifty years since the Dragon Council sent some of their own to the continents and discovered the rising of their most feared enemy. Fifty years – judgment is near, and all will be called upon in the coming days.

The Solarian Curse will be revealed.

The Solarian Curse

Atalla The solarian curse banner