Magic in Adnatu

Magic Wells


When the Boundary and Void Ocean formed they disrupted the uniform of magic across the world. Research conducted since then had determined that the majority of magic wells in the area now know as the Void Ocean were forcibly emptied. However, the magic couldn’t simply dissipate – it traveled to the opposite side of the globe and formed the barrier known as the Boundary. The Boundary stretches from the magnetic north pole to the south, and the magic of the Boundary seems to flow along the tow poles, both passing through the planet and along the edge. Research conducted by the Academy has determined that the magic flows in a generally northern direction. However, magical storms are often spawned by rogue streams of magic trying to move south. Magical friction is created and the results are more deadly than the Boundary due to their unpredictable paths.

Teleportation Magic

The Boundary and the Void Ocean act as magical poles – positive and negative. Besides the physical barriers they have created, they have specifically disrupted teleportation magic across the world. First, upon the formation of the Boundary all permanent gates closed, both between locations on Adnatu and to realms beyond Adnatu. Third – and this is so dangerous that only the most foolish or bravest casters attempt it – any teleportation magic beyond the visible horizon has a chance to randomly redirect to one of the magical poles. If a target lands within the Boundary they are instantly obliterated. If a target lands in the center of the Void Ocean they are often consumed by the monstrous beasts that dwell there, or they die from exposure. Additionally, since the formation of the Boundary no gates have been able to function long enough for anyone to leave the world for another in the multiverse.

Summoning Magic

Adnatu is severed from the multiverse, but the barrier that prevents it is not complete. Creatures can be summoned in, and conversely forced out through intense magical action. Even then, sometimes these fails. However, the main problem with summoning spells is that the target of those spells does not automatically return from whence they came even when they normally should. Instead they are freed from their bonds and gain absolute free will to do what they want. A creature summoned remains whether alive or dead. As a result, summoning is recognized as a form of magic more dangerous than necromancy, and organizations in populated areas have been formed to eradicate rogue summoned creatures, either by expelling them to their native plane, or by killing them. Their are certain places across the world where intelligent summoned creatures can seek refuge from these organizations.

In the Pelagos, the Hunters are the principal organization that hunts down summoned creatures and even dangerous summoners.

Magic in Adnatu

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